Margaret St Gallery

One of London’s leading contemporary photographic galleries, Margaret St Gallery needed a rebrand and new digital / print collateral.

  • Designer: Sam Chelton

Creative & Art Direction - Strategy - Marketing & PR - UX Design


The identity needed to work well both in print and digital, especially within the small, square constraints of social media. We needed to avoid using the acronym MSG, but the logo had tp be legible at a small size. We developed an abbreviated form of the logo (with just the first initial “M”) that could be used for social media, favicons, etc. The abstracted focusing bracket logo also references the defining pillar in the gallery’s main space.


We used debrossed greyboard as the base material for the printed collateral, reflecting the industrial, yet immaculate feel of the gallery.

The gallery show guide needed to have a premium feel, yet be adaptable and cost-effective. Since the shows were changed every 6 weeks, we developed a flexible folder with loose leaf print inserts. The high spec folder was produced in bulk while the digital inserts were printed on demand for each exhibition. The unbound prints provided the gallery with the flexibility to create bespoke guides for buyers, mixing images from different shows.


Margaret St Gallery needed a website that reflected its new identity.  We wanted to develop an online presence that made a feature of the gallery’s prominent press coverage, while reducing staff admin.

With the gallery’s growing profile, the staff was spending more and more time handling press requests. With tight press deadlines and international publications, this put considerable pressure on the team. As a result, we integrated a key PR section that not only displayed press highlights, but also enabled editors to download all the assets they needed for publication (within a password-protected section of the site).