Axiom Photographic Agency

I was a founder of Axiom, one of the leading travel reportage picture libraries and commissioning agencies.

  • Designer: Sam Chelton

Creative & Art Direction - Strategy - Business Development - Curation


Fresh out of university, I was hired to represent the work of two photographers.  To establish a regular client base, we needed a wider range of material with a definitive creative direction.  I recruited photographers, curated the growing collection, and developed the brand and marketing strategy, while creating the commissioning agency division. I spearheaded business development, securing Axiom's client base. The tightly edited, well-shot collection quickly dominated the travel pages of almost every British broadsheet newspaper and glossy magazine.  Axiom became one of the top travel stock libraries worldwide, supplying images to leading editorial, corporate, advertising, and design clients.  Axiom’s clients included global brands such as HSBC, National Geographic, British Airways, Vogue, Condé Nast Traveller, Barclays Bank, Harpers, The Discovery Channel, GQ, Microsoft, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, PwC, Penguin Books and Vodafone-- to name a few.  The collection was represented by industry leaders Getty Images and Corbis. Axiom also became the exclusive image partner of award-winning publisher, Rough Guides.  I sold the business in 2008.

WEBSITE Redesign

In 2012, the stock photography marketplace was saturated due to the influx of digital images flooding the industry.  The company needed an innovative new website that would engage designers and attract more commercial clients. 

Going for a highly graphic approach, I developed a colour concept homepage that featured striking, rotating picture spreads in dominant colours of red, orange, yellow, pink, blue, green, and grey. One multi-coloured page was mixed in with the monochromatic spreads, pulling all of the colours together.

The homepage spreads contained links to the picture search results for each colour. When users clicked on the spreads or on the corresponding colour bar, they would be taken to the library’s pictures of that colour. Axiom was the first picture library to use colour swatches to aid in searching for images.